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WordPress developers

Specialists in custom WordPress design and development

Custom WordPress development

For people and businesses serious about their WordPress development requirements. No clunky templates with inherent ongoing problems used here. We develop from scratch with best in class clean code and thrive on creating custom solutions to complex problems via custom WordPress development. We’ve been doing it for years.

WordPress specialists

Run-of-the-mill WordPress developers are a dime a dozen. Bona fide WordPress specialists are hard to find and in high demand. If you and your business know the value of quality stop reading now. But if you’re prone to selecting the cheapest option here is an unmistakable truth; quality pays for itself many, many times over. A website is an investment not an expense. Quality WordPress development will save you money, and it will make you money. It will make your life easier, save you time, and help you sleep peacefully at night knowing your website is doing the business.

WooCommerce development

For online stores running on WordPress, Woocommerce is your first point of call. It’s built on WordPress, is lightweight and open source. So is 100% customisable by Woocommerce developers. Less of the heavyweight, cumbersome features of Magento which slow your site down and make development absurdly expensive and complex. None of the frustrating proprietary CMS restrictions of Shopify which limit your ability to do anything a little bit out of the box as the source code can’t be touched. Woocommerce is the e-commerce solution for people and businesses who value efficiency and freedom, which is why it’s the world’s most popular e-commerce platform.

WordPress front end developers

You want your WordPress website to look cool, right? And you want it to load fast and to work consistently and not be riddled with bugs too hopefully. So you need serious WordPress front end developers; specialists in making WordPress websites do all the stuff the end user experiences. Able to accurately implement yours and the website designer’s vision.

WordPress maintenance

Maybe you have a WordPress website already, or want a new one. Either way, you’ll be needing WordPress maintenance to ensure your site is performing to its potential, securely. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS – by a long shot. Its popularity on the back of its absurdly powerful, user-friendly functionality also has the potential to be its undoing. Yes it has plugins available for almost every functionality imaginable. But those plugins need to be kept up to date, for performance and for security. And when a plugin update conflicts with any number of other moving parts on your WordPress website, it needs to be located and nullified. Yes it has an extraordinarily large WordPress support community, safeguarding the content management system’s integrity. But the CMS version upgrades need to be implemented carefully to keep the website working as it ought. WordPress’ popularity does make it the biggest target for would be hackers around, as its critics suggest. With so many WordPress websites around, there are bound to be loads which haven’t been maintained well, creating opportunities to sneak in and snoop around. Proper WordPress maintenance though simply mitigates this risk, by ensuring all likely – and unlikely – points of entry are properly sealed and closed off. Prevention is the best cure. WordPress website maintenance is pivotal to the performance and security of your WordPress website, it’s as simple as that.

White label WordPress web development

For other digital agencies, creative agencies, PR agencies and such – we provide a white label WordPress development service at agency rates. Impress your clients with the exceptional quality WordPress development website we deliver, on time and at budget under your brand. We can deal direct with your client, or you can do the interfacing. Whatever works for your agency, we’ve done it all and are happy to adapt.

Find WordPress developers

It’s common knowledge that a website can be developed anywhere, regardless of borders. Less obvious is that to find WordPress developers who’ll deliver on their promises, providing consistent, ongoing support (which pretty much every business needs) is really, really hard. Matterhorn Digital has been strong since 2010, we’ve now got 4 offices across Singapore, Sydney and New Zealand and we’re simply doing what we’ve always done – providing exceptional service, quality and ongoing support to people and businesses who value all of the above. Looking for WordPress developers you can trust – now and for years to come, who are near you and know your market? That would be us.

WordPress security

The commonly held belief that WordPress websites are weak on security is misinformed. In reality, all the tools are there to make WordPress websites as or more secure than any other CMS around. What it comes down is the skill and conscientiousness of the WordPress developer who has built the thing; among many other things did she/he install trusted software, were SSH/SFTP protocols used, is the MySQL database secured from the web server and has the wp-config.php file been protected? And you – the website owner – have a role to play as well, in ensuring you use highly secure passwords. Never, for instance use a word which can be found in a dictionary, because hackers’ cracking programs use online dictionaries to guess passwords. Ongoing, ensuring that any (trusted) plugins used are regularly updated, along with any themes and the CMS version itself (although these are done automatically now, with the occasional exception). Any website – regardless of the CMS – is only as strong as its weakest link. Hackers do target WordPress websites because WordPress accounts for about 25% of the websites in the world. With such a huge amount of WordPress websites online, a hacker’s chance of finding a significant amount which have been poorly secured and open for exploitation is far higher than if they were to target a CMS with far fewer users. The reason WordPress accounts for 1/4 of the websites online is (basically) because it is the best all round open-source CMS around. And all you need to do to capitalise on it is select a security conscious WordPress developer, and take a few security precautions yourself with regards to the efficacy of your passwords.

If all else fails and a hacker has crept through, not all is lost. Generally websites can be restored. More often than not some nasty malware will have been injected which can be seriously difficult to locate at worst, and reasonably easy find and remove at best. Prevention is the best medicine though.

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