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Story IQ website

A clean and bold WordPress website

Clean, bold website design by Singapore web design agency, Matterhorn Digital


Logo design
Brand identity
User experience
Website design
WordPress development

Once we’d completed the new branding, we had the basis for designing the website. The grid layout, colours, fonts, illustrations and photography which we created as part of the brand guidelines lent itself to a clean website, rich in bold colours and imagery with notches and squares reinforcing the brand’s unique identity.

But before designing anything, extensive work was done creating the wireframes to ensure the website actually is actually effective in producing leads and a quality user experience.


Wireframes are crucial for the best user experience on a website


Midway through developing the website, the pandemic made it necessary for our client to move entirely online. That is, from speaking to live audiences to delivering online courses. Changes were made to accommodate this, though the images are still more in line with the live audience and classroom setting.

The website utilises the backend of our client’s previous website, which has meant some compromises on the page speed in particular.


Clean, bold website design by Singapore digital agency, Matterhorn Digital


Through the one WordPress interface, different content can be easily published on the three versions of the website for their three main audiences; Singapore, the Philippines and the United States. We also developed a simple way for course landing pages to be promoted and tracked in promotional campaigns.

View the StoryIQ website here

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