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React development

When it comes to developing large web applications with regularly updated, dynamic data, ReactJS is nearly always up there as a first option along with the likes of VueJS and AngularJS. React provides maximum responsiveness and flexibility and it is about as good as it gets for rendering data from any type of API. The main standout feature of ReactJS is that it creates a virtual DOM (document object model) which is a node tree that lists elements, their attributes and content as objects and properties. This allows for React to then make relevant data updates to only the elements that require updating which in-turn makes it lightning quick for working with data heavy applications. Created by Facebook engineers who sought a solution to the major challenge of developing a dynamic UI with high performance, React development (among other things) enabled Facebook to dynamically update a user’s news feed while the person is on-page and simultaneously using the chat function. In short, ReactJS kindof made Facebook. Facebook open-sourced React in 2013, and continue to provide ‘codemods’ which help make version upgrades relatively easy. If you’ve never heard of React development before, and are wondering what the fuss is about –  it’s the code library of choice not only for Facebook, but the likes of Netflix, Instagram and AirBnb to name but a few. So you can assume it’s pretty awesome.

React Native development

Perhaps the fastest, most efficient environment for mobile app development today. React Native development combines the main advantages of the JavaScript library and ReactJS. Given the prevalence of JavaScript development and the vast network of JS developers worldwide, information flows fast and fluidly. In practical terms this means that in the very common scenario of a web developer becoming stuck on a problem, the answer can often be found online easily and without disruption to the React Native development project. React Native for iOS and Android is a hybrid app-development framework using APIs as a bridge to render components on mobile. Just as ReactJS was created and used by Facebook engineers, so too React Native was created by Facebook and has been adopted since by the likes of Instagram and Netflix. It should, in short, be in the mix when considering how to approach an app development project.

VueJS app development

Super small in size, Vue.js is compiled into a user’s browser near enough instantly which gives it a good advantage over some other JS frameworks. VueJS development facilitates two way communications because of its MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) architecture which makes it quite easy to handle HTML code blocks. In this respect, it would appear quite similar to Angular.js which also speeds up HTML code blocks. Used for the development of single web page apps and flexible components, VueJS app development supports numerous features in the building of reusable web components. A progressive framework, VueJS development enables developers to use it selectively, rather than demanding the entire application be structured around it. Speaking practically, as VueJS developers we are able to use Vue.js when and as required in our app development projects. Something our clients benefit from considerably without necessarily even realising it. For instance, switching pages without even having to refresh a page enhances navigation on a website or app a lot, and there’s a good chance when you experience that, Vue.js is driving it.

AngularJS development

Innovated by Google, AngularJS development is an open-source framework that is one of the most powerful frontend technologies around. AngularJS developers use the framework to build out high quality codebases and beautiful web application UI’s. It was developed with the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) ideology in mind and you can certainly feel that when working with the framework. AngularJS development is cross-browser adaptive and therefore you don’t have to worry about your application being incompatible on some browsers. The flexibility that the framework offers allows existing components that have been written by other AngularJS developers to be easily integrated into your custom web application and is one of AngularJS’s great advantages. Platforms like PayPal and LinkedIn rely heavily on AngularJS to achieve their seamless transitions between pages and functionality.

NodeJS development

JavaScript’s increased popularity and influence have resulted in a different web development landscape. NodeJS is probably the most significant of those changes; with the ability to write isomorphic JavaScript web applications and deliver real-time data along with having Google’s V8 JavaScript engine at its core it makes NodeJS development a serious consideration for JavaScript developers and JavaScript development agencies. The NodeJS package comes with NPM (Node Package Manager) which is similar to that of Ruby Gems: a compiled repository of reusable components with dependancy and version management that is easy to install via an online repository. Node.js now plays a crucial role in the technology stack of many well respected companies who rely on its speed and unique benefits. NodeJS can offer your project a rock solid and rapid server option as well as being able to easily work with React, Vue and AngularJS. Which in turn can quickly put your website at the forefront of your industry, enhance user experience, usability and increase the overall success of your website or app.

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