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Brand guidelines

An oft-overlooked but essential component of any thorough branding and marketing. Brand guidelines govern how a visual identity is applied in any of a company’s many touch points. Advertisements, social media, apparel, point of sale, website, company vehicles, email signatures, collateral and anything else presenting the company to both internal and external stakeholders. Your branding agency in Singapore creates brand guidelines which confirm colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and so on. Establishing and affirming a brand’s identity.

Logo and website design

Two big components of your organisation’s visual identity. A logo and brand guidelines determine the course a website should take visually, so whether you have a website or not, approaching logo and website design in the one project is usually your best option. Where a good website has already been completed but it has been decided to update the brand, the website’s styling can usually be updated to work in the new brand’s colour palette and styling etc.

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We are a small, approachable team who love to make things happen. That is to say, we love to see a project through from start to finish. Every member of our team has considerable experience working in many of the world’s leading digital agencies, on many of the world’s biggest brands, in the world’s biggest markets. Our diverse and multi-talented team come from all over the globe, including New Zealand, Sweden, France, England, Denmark, Australia and of course, Singapore. We live and breath design, technology and commerce. We are here to solve complex business problems for growth-seeking organisations.

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